CMS Features

Learn about what features are available with the UBC CMS service.

The UBC CLF (Common Look and Feel) theme will be set up for you with your unit name in the CLF header. You can also change page layouts, add in a slideshow on the homepage, change the style of your dropdown navigation and much more with a few clicks!

We will set up and map a domain name (such as to your site. To find out more about domain names, visit MedNet.

Your site will be hooked up to UBC's CWL, ensuring a high level of security on your site. you can also invite any UBC student, staff or faculty with a valid CWL to the site.

Those details that mean the world to you are on our must list as well. Part of the UBC CLF is UBC's integrated Google Search, which allows you to search your website and all associated websites under the * domain. We also provide plugins for Google Analytics and SEO optimization (and not to mention that WordPress is already amazing in these regards).

WordPress also now comes with version control by default, and our overall framework is part of UBC's high availability networks with state of the art scaling capabilities, automated backups, failovers and other network features.

You want your site to look exactly how you want it to look. So do we. Using CSS, you can style your site and have everything look exactly how you want it. There are tons of CSS examples on the web for reference and if you can't figure something out, feel free to contact us.

Track 301 redirections, 404 errors and other loose ends. Great for site migrations and changes to your page structure.

Learn more about WordPress Roles and Capabilities, including Administrator, Editor, and Author/Contributor.