An initiative is currently underway to provide greater central support and coordination to the use of content management tools at UBC. Offered through a collaboration between the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology (CTLT), the web team within Communications & Marketing, and UBC IT, the goals of this initiative are to:

  • Provide a centrally-provisioned service to enable the creation of UBC websites that collectively portray a professional web presence for the university
  • Establish a set of common web technology platforms to enable integration of web services
  • Support the producers and maintainers of UBC websites by building connections and fostering collaboration between people.

The Faculty of Medicine Dean’s Office Communications team and MedIT offer support and training for any Faculty-related sites running on the CMS service. Feel free to email with any questions related to the offering, or submit a request for a new site here.

Hosted WordPress Service

UBC’s Hosted WordPress Service aims to provide a baseline content management solution for units who are looking for a cost-effective framework of support for managing their websites. The service is free, CLF-enabled and available to you immediately. Read more about the service offering here.

What CMS is and isn’t for

CMS is designed and built for web communication and marketing. It is a great tool for broadcasting a message or displaying public information. It is not intended for two way communication. CMS is not a tool for collecting sensitive information from users or supporting administrative processes. There are other options at UBC to achieve this. Some examples of things to use CMS and not use CMS for

Use CMS to:

  • Promote news
  • Create group awareness
  • Publish contact information
  • Direct audience to resources
  • Explain process and systems
  • Promote faculty

Do NOT use CMS to:

  • Collect sensitive information
  • Build a database
  • Host secure files
  • Create a forum
  • Publish copyright material
  • Sell products

How to get started

If you would like a new website please fill out the Website Request Form. To use CMS you will need a CWL and an email address. Your CWL will be mapped to a CMS account by signing up as a new user. If you have multiple CWL and CMS accounts then you will need to choose one. We can help migrate your accounts but will need you to send us the information about your CWL as well as your desired CWL and email address.